Fall in loveto Saslik classics and novelties!

The most beloved Saslik’s classics. Welcome to enjoy!

For Saslik’s menu we have chosen the most beloved Saslik’s classics of yesteryears,
not forgetting the well-known classics of the Slavic-French cuisine. Over the years our classic dishes have been enjoyed by both the royals and the famous rock stars as well as guests from all over the world.

The menu includes Saslik’s most beloved classic dishes such as Ivan’s Sword, Spiced beef and Baked Alaska, which have remained on the menu throughout the years. 
Saslik is also world famous for its exotic bear dishes as well as Blinis which are served year-round.

At extra charge from 440€ it is possible to pre-book the troubadours exclusively for your party.

Finnish Family Business warmly welcomes you to enjoy!


Dear friends, We have removed from our selection all products produced in Russia in our support for the war effort. As a Finnish family business, we want to show support by offering dishes from Ukrainian cuisine, such as Kievan chicken, blinis and borscht soup and Ukrainian vodka and beer. Together we can help, care and influence.

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You can get more information about the portions served as well as substances and products that cause allergies and intolerances from the staff. (EU Regulation 1169/2011) and the country of origin of the meat electronically: myynti@asravintolat.fi.